Sunday, December 07, 2008

Snow Ice Cairn

Snow Ice Cairn, originally uploaded by escher1.

I went back up to the place I made the other snow and ice sculptures in the afternoon and started to make the base of a cairn with ice. I didn't take a torch with me and I had to give up when it was too dark to see. I chopped some more ice before going home ready for the morning. I hoped that the base would freeze and be strong. I returned before dawn to finish it off but now the ice had frozen solid and I couldn't now dig any more out. How am I going to finish it now?! So instead I used frozen snow to build up the top which still lay on the grass around the ice. I didn't intend to build a cone cairn exactly like Andy Goldsworthy's but it just seemed to grow in that way. I can see why AG builds cones as it is a shape that just appears when you make it strong, a natural form that is inherent in the material. If you don't know what I mean you'll just have to build one!

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