Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 Colour Drops

Part 2

If you are a bit of a perfectionist then the word's "that'll do" are a false economy. I've been out and finished this sculpture once already, written the notes, processed the photos and been ready to upload. Unfortunately what I ended up with was rubbish and I knew it but I carried on regardless. Well it saved me no time at all saying that'll do as I had to go back (to fortunately find it all still there) and put it together properly (I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight if I hadn't). Finally I am happy with the result. I won't settle for second best again! Not being able to do it is one thing but not trying hard enough is another entirely. I am exhausted now and not feeling very funny or entertaining so I will just leave you with what I had written for the first attempt and go and crack myself open a beer. Happy Saturday evening all...

Part 1

After spilling a glass of water on my laptop last night (that will teach me not to drink - it should have been wine or beer) and rendering it operational but severely tempremental I wasn't in the mood to make anything today. Which is ironic as what I ended up with looks like balloons released from a kids party. It doesn't best describe my current demeanour but perhaps my subconcious is trying to tell me something.

I set off to a secret location this morning (one where grouse are not shot for fun) with the intention of building a new cairn. There is loads of suitable stone there and it is quite a good spot for one (although not as good as the previous place) and I thought with three days spare over the bank holiday weekend then I would have plenty of time to get it a fair way towards finished. The hardest part of constructing a cairn is carrying all the stone. I wish I could rope in some helpers but as usual I would have to do all the work myself. As I carried the tenth load I remembered my knackered foot, which is just beginning to heal, and thought that three days shifting stone wasn't really a good idea.

So I came home and went to see what colours my favourite cherry trees are producing. There were a few more coloured leaves but the most striking I found were vibrant red horse chestnut leaves. They are quite old and tattered by the time they produce this colour but they are striking nonetheless.

My obsession with leaves is undiminished so I just followed my nose without a plan or a preconceived idea of what was to follow.

The white leaves are poplar, the yellow/orange are cherry, the yellow/green is from an unidentified shrub, the green is hazel and lastly the red is horse chestnut.

I am not sure if the result is too childish but as I say I go about things without preconceptions. What comes out comes out and it either works or it doesn't. I am not sure whether this has worked or not. (In fact there is no doubt - it is rubbish!)

I am struggling a little with my land art at the moment and it seems that the funny stories have dried up too... These posts have always been real and from the heart, warts and all. I hope normal service will be resumed soon. We are complicated creatures and the more I learn the more I realise that I know nothing.

(And what's more I had my camera set up wrong - wrong ISO, wrong exposure comp - and had to take the pictures all over again twice. Just seemed I was running on 50% today).

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