Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come to a Dead Stop

Come to a Dead Stop, originally uploaded by escher....

I haven't had a sculpture turn into a complete nightmare for ages, and this was one big time!

I'll give you the short version as we are home late and I want to relax now!

I had this originally built and set up at about midday but the sun was perpendicular to the circle and the light was hitting the ground behind so I decided to move it to somewhere where the light was better.

Bear in mind that I had already constructed the circle so all that I had to do was locate a spot where there were two parallel trees in the right direction for the sun, find two straightish sticks to go across, pin the circle between them and assemble the bracken stalks, before photographing the end result.

Put it this way, those so called 'easy' tasks took another 6 1/2 hours! The sun had moved right round by that point so the effect I was after was lost anyway. It fell apart countless times. The sticks in the tree fell down countless times and the bracken stalks fell out yet more countless times. I kept losing my thorns amongst the leaf litter and the one and only source for them was right at the other end of the wood. I ended up running everywhere every time I needed new materials!

I am sure anyone who is sane would have given up, but I wasn't going to let it beat me. It was nearly finished so many times that I just had to persevere.

I was originally going to call this "Land of the Rising Sun" (when I had it ready at midday) but that would be quite an ironic title, seeing as the sun was setting all the while. I then thought of "Stop Deer!" but after all the trials and tribulations "Come to a Dead Stop" seemed most apt.

Nighty, night!

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