Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bark & Shadows

Bark & Shadows, originally uploaded by escher....

I've decided to learn some new skills over the winter months. There has been dew on the grass the past few mornings and the days do feel as if they are drawing in.

The early autumnal turners have started their colourful slide into winter. There a couple of trees I noticed last year who were early turners who are already changing their clothes.

I want to expand my art and what I am capable of and I am going to learn some new crafts and once mastered I hope to incorporate them back into the sculptures that I make.

As such I am going to post less land art on here for the time being and instead post more 'normal' photographs, as it were (just so that you don't forget about me ;-)). and limit the sculptures to perhaps once a month.

I expect I will go on producing them at the same rate but having more freedom will mean I can expand my ideas without concern about failure and I will also have lots of works to exhibit and publish that are as yet unseen.

The last few days, after I decided what I wanted to do, I went out to practice my photography without creating any sculptures and I was really pleased with how I got on. I have barely taken a picture that hasn't involved land art and my photography has developed hand in hand with my ability to sculpt.

So it was quite interesting to see how it had moved on in that time and a lot of fun to be free from the constraints of photographing my art.

I hope you like a little of what you'll see (and don't abandon me because I ain't showing you my sculptures!).

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