Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Magic Power of "Land Art Beard"

There I was minding my own business, playing around with circles of paper birch, only for JRT Pickle to emerge from behind a tree with a pile of frosted-up and clumped-together, forest-floor leaves.

Instantly embued with the eye of an artist/silliness of a five-year-old (delete as applicable), I immediately exclaimed "land art beard!" Like you do.

The wearing of a beard transforms the wearer's mind into that of a philosopher, expertly portrayed here by JRT Pickle's display of pondering. You can see in her eyes the weight of the world as she contemplates the universe's difficult and unanswered questions. If this photo was audible you would hear her utter a simple "errr-hmmmmmmm."

To witness the power of 'land art beard' was now not enough. To be in the presence of such an advanced thinker, left me with only one option. I would have to ponder from behind my own beard.

As I entered into a state of bliss, the world and my mind became one. Involuntary words spilled from my throat and I chanted "land art beard, land art beard, LAND ART BEARD!" As the ancient shamanic ritual took hold, 8 inches of bark beard descended from my chin.

The transformation was nearly complete, my body spasmed, contorted and twisted until finally the fabled 'Finger of Wisdom' emerged from the centre of my chest! It completed the circuit as the 'Finger of Wisdom' joined up with bottom of the beard of bark. At that moment there was a powerful flash and then it went absolutely pitch dark.

Slowly the world began to return. Like a tiny bulb warming and glowing, until I find myself sitting here writing these words.

"Oh trees, all you big and little ones, dumpy, spiky, shapely and runty. Oh trees, with your tendency to litter up the place in autumn and to fall on people when it's windy. Oh trees, you are so big and great and tall and stuff and pretty good at growing conkers, Oh trees, you help us out with Christmas and with growing fruit and much more besides. Oh trees, you are all pretty cool and I thought you might want to know."

Made by Julia Brooklyn and Richard Shilling for the Land Art Connections January group theme "Tree - Honour"

Behold the "Finger of Wisdom"

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