Sunday, May 01, 2011

New Book: Flux

New Book: Flux, originally uploaded by escher (spring is here).

Via Flickr:
I've been holding back many of my images, including quite a few of my best and most recent sculptures. I'd been experimenting, trying new things, new materials, new ideas and I've put these all together into my new book entitled Flux. None of the photos have been published in print before and 101 of them have never been seen in print or online.

Flux has:-

257 Photos
160 Pages
101 New Unseen Photos
12 New Unseen Sculptures

I've just spent a fabulous few days in Scotland where I was very lucky to see wild Dolphins and Seals swimming in Loch Fyne and a Red Squirrel in a tree next to where my tent was pitched. All exciting firsts for me and it has really opened my eyes to the wonders of Scotland. The joy of nature just makes my soul sing, there is nothing more I need to feel content with myself and the world.

I made some sculptures whilst I was there but the virus I've had for nearly a month is clinging on by its fingernails, lingering much longer than it should. And it means I am lacking the energy to show you those, just now, and to tell you about the fun and adventures I had. So I thought I would tell you about my new book today and save my tale of Scotland and the accompanying sculptures for another day.

Thanks for stopping by!

Ps. Carry on to the next pictures and I'll tell you a little about the cover photograph. It may look drawn or painted by it is not and the colours are real too.


Jennifer Tetlow said...

Congratulations on the book, have had a quick peek and looks lovely. Look forward to Scotland sculptures.

Susan Fish said...

Richard - Is the book for sale?

Richard Shilling said...

Hi Jennifer and thanks. I don't think the Scottish sculptures are all that good, I was too full of cold but can't wait to go back when a bit healthier. But then maybe someone will like them more than me. Thanks for taking the time.

Hi Susan, yes it is. On the right hand size of the page you will find all my books with Flux at the top. Click on it and you'll be taken to a place when you can read about it and buy one if you wish.

Thanks to you both.