Monday, August 15, 2011


Billboardtastic by escher is still alive
Billboardtastic, a photo by escher is still alive on Flickr.

Giant colourful flowers made from leaves have been springing up around the city of Lancaster.

Rumour has it that the local population aren't impressed and are campaigning to have them replaced with posters of scantily clad ladies as is normal practice round here.

One passerby was heard to remark "these giant leaf flowers, or whatever they are, are all very colourful and nice, and that, but they aren't going to make me fall off me bike when I'm cycling home."

"I want pictures of young ladies not wearing much, that's what billboards are for, do the advertising execs not know nothin' innit?"

Thanks to Spacedman for the tip. I knew Cumbria Uni were using one of my pictures but they hadn't said when they were going up so it was quite a gleeful surprise to see a couple of billboards with one of my pictures emblazoned across it in my home city.

There's supposed to be some others too, bus shelter posters and in the national press, so if anyone sees anything I'd love to hear about it. I don't know how far and wide they're going to be, or how many either but besides, seeing them in your home city is a pretty thrilling experience.

Oh and I have another exhibition starting Monday in the Warehouse Cafe at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal, on for the next six weeks. The other exhibition at Gallery 23 in Lancaster is still on until October too.

Another poster by the bus station.


PLUMe said...

congratulations : good news for you!

EmandaJ said...

Fan-damn-tastic! Congratulations on your new found fame.

(P.S. now I can say, "I knew him when . . . .")

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Manu and Emanda,

The clock's ticking, my fifteen minutes of fame starts now! So it won't last long!


PLUMe said...

i hope we will see pictures of your futurs exhibitions!

Richard Shilling said...

I think it's the way forward, using billboards around a city to exhibit your work!