Sunday, March 18, 2007

Square clock

Square-clock, originally uploaded by escher1.

Originally I wanted to build a series of concentric circles of interlocking stones but I hadn't found a place to do it yet. I built this when We went for a walk in Grizedale Forest to look at the sculptures in the forest. We didn't chance upon any interesting land art only more permanent sculptures and installations. Just off a main mountain bike track next to a waterfall we found a nice spot and I built this square sculpture, it is only about 8 inches across and took ages to build. The ground underneath was very gravvely with bigger rocks too and was very difficult to dig out and make flat, my hands became very cold and then it started to rain. Julia was looking cold and miserable and wanted to leave, I noticed there were brown and green branches nearby so I cut some up to make the circular pattern. The resultant picture I think is very disappointing, it was so dark that I had to use the flash and it bounced off the wet rock, creating a lot of glare. This was my first piece that I spent a lot of time on and I realised to get good results considerable effort needs to be made!

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