Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bracken Fade

bracken fade, originally uploaded by escher1.

It has been quite a while since I made have anything but I have picked out changes in the environment, in the plants and of the landscape as the wet summer has progressed. Flowers have grown, grasses have become tall and many things have changed colour. The bracken near Birk Bank is now thick but in places where the heather has been burnt back they are shorter and dotted here and there are plants stifled of a drink with hues or burnt umber, orange yellow and pale green that are just crying out for a fade design. First of all I was going to use a whole branch for each colour and create something larger, but the wind was strong and I couldn't find anywhere large and flat enough to do this. I then tried to create a swirling design over a rock hole but it looked too untidy. Finally I settled on this two fronds of the same colour opposing. As I am a little out of practice my attention to detail is lacking and the result looks a little out of balance to me. The fade from yellow to green is too sharp, but as a first try it isn't bad. One thing I had noticed about note doing some land art for a while was the things I had missed as I had not immersed myself fully in the environment as you must do when trying to create something of merit, and so I had missed the sprouting of rowan berries all over, they are thousands of them and intriguingly their colours range from a pale yellow right through to deep red and are just crying out for something to be made from them.

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