Monday, February 02, 2009

Meander Cairn

Meander Cairn, originally uploaded by escher1.


Katherine said...

I love how the created art in context with the landscape becomes another grander piece of art. You do beautiful work. Wish you were doing it here in Eastern Oregon it would be so wonderful to see and you would love working with this landscape. And I can't imagine you would get kicked out. Did your work attract to many visitors for the locals?

Richard Shilling said...

Hi Katherine, Sorry only saw you comment just now. I would love to work in other places. Having a wealth of new materials and landscapes to work in is so inspiring.

As for my ban, the problem wasn't the locals (they really enjoyed my work and supported me). The land owner is one of the richest people in Britain (7 billion fortune) and bought this huge exapnse of land purely to shoot wild animals with his friends. They object to anyone on their land (historical problem in Britain - landed gentry versus the people) but they have to give us access to walk there as it is the law. But only has been since 2000. So when I asked permission they said no purely because they can and they dislike the govt making them give access to the public. I find it obscene as huge swathes of upland Britain are privately owned by extremely rich individuals who inherited their money from medieval times. So I guess it was the visitors that the sculptures attracted who upset the land owners rather than the locals. They fought the government tooth and nail to stop the public having access. Bear in mind this is a huge expanse of land that is used for shooting for a month or two a year and for nothing else the rest of the time. And it is such a beautiful area too, we should all have a right to explore these places.

Kind regards