Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fern Doodles

Fern Doodles, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

Ok I know what you are thinking "doodle ferns" what a strange name?

It just popped into my head while I was making them and stuck. So there you go. I've been mulling over a new direction recently and because of that I thought I would knock up something simple and quick so that I could get my mind into the groove and at least have something in the can before I went home, doodle seemed to be quite apt. I also had some unfinished business with the yellow ferns. I had spotted them last week and was a little disappointed I couldn't think of what to do with them. It was a little strange though. I picked a few of the yellow ferns last week and so there were less to pick today. But for some reason they seemed to be less vibrant, "glowed" less in the sun and yet I couldn't work out why. I don't actually think it was the ferns themselves, I think it was me, or possibly the light was different today to what it was last week. I do think it is possible to see things differently on different days. Sometimes things leap out at you and other times you barely notice them. I think that is interesting.

Often when I make three of something the first one is easiest, the second more difficult and the third a real pain. This is counter-intuitive and you would expect it to be the other way around. But the bracken of the third one just kept disintegrating and wouldn't stay intact. Yet the first went together first go. I wouldn't think much of it other than it has happened like that many times.

So there isn't much to these, or at least they are a sketch of something within several forms I have explored quite widely recently. But still the peace of sitting on a rock constructing something simple with materials gathered nearby, listening to the sheep and the birds, seeing the two owl pellets next to where I was which confirmed that my perch was popular with others too (t-wit t-woo) just gladdens the soul.

Honourable mention must go to the dad and son who skirmished their way down the hillside each armed with a very large super-soaker water pistol. It brings a grin to think of those care-free days when games are only limited by your imagination.

They saw me pacing up and down waiting for the sun to come out, camera sat on top of my tripod poised to get a photo.

"Dad? That man over their must be a spy. He has got a camera and everything. Really he must be a spy." Ahh - takes you back.


Laura Orabone said...

Another beautiful creation. I've been meaning to ask - what do you use for tacks/pins? Thorns?

Richard Shilling said...

Thank you Laura. Yes you are right, I use thorns.

Anita Thomhave Simonsen said...

I find it beautiful and i like the use of three parts...interesting to read about your experiences with making three and the first one being easiest to make....