Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shadow Leaves

Shadow Leaves, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

There is a place I run where there is a tunnel of trees and in bright sunshine and breezy weather the patterns that are cast on the ground are utterly mesmerising (the endorphins from running probably help with that)!

Following on from my light and leaves series I have been pondering light in a different way and how to use it to show the shape rather than the colour of leaves. A shadow almost makes an imprint of the shape of leaves in strong sunshine and this is what I want to explore.

These are simply experiments to begin the exploration of this theme and as such are most definitely works in progress. I am looking forward to where this theme will take me and I just hope the sun shines enough to allow me the chance to get down to it. This morning started off bright and calm but soon it clouded over and the wind got up, those conditions meant I couldn't pursue what I had in mind. But clipped wings can definitely fill you with enthusiasm for the next time the sun comes out.

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