Monday, February 15, 2010

New Book: Transience

New Book: Transience, originally uploaded by ...escher....

This book making is addictive!

I've just had delivery of my latest book. I needed a large format book to use as my portfolio so this time I made one in large square format - 12 inches by 12 inches.

And oh boy how good does it look!. With all I've learnt from making my previous books, this one really has turned out perfectly. The large photos are tack sharp and oozing with detail, I really couldn't be more pleased with it. I haven't seen very many of my photos actually printed so it is real treat for me to see them like this, showing off the depth that is never visible on screen and only in print. Many people complain when making books about too dark printing but I think I have cracked it as far as getting the right brightness. Each shot looks superb.

Anyway I am rambling now which is totally out of character for me! ;-)

This book is a retrospective 'best of' of my work right up to date including many of the snow and ice sculptures I made this winter, there are 165 full colour photographs across 158 pages, all printed on premium paper. It includes the best work from my first two books plus quite a few previously unpublished photos, including that first rock balance collapse picture I mentioned over the weekend.

Unfortunately the larger format books are expensive but they really are so impressive looking that I will do my next book in two sizes so that everyone can choose the size and price point that they prefer. Most of the cost goes to Blurb, there is very little markup added.

As I said this book is a 'best of' portfolio but it very much stands up on its own and is available on Blurb right now, my profile has details to take you there. My other books are more a chronology of my work, my thoughts and stories and the follow up to 'Wheel of Life' will continue in that vein with everything that I have made since that book was published and will be available in large and medium formats. So if you are looking for a glossy coffee table book with only the very best of what I have done and don't mind the price, then this might be right up your street!

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