Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Week in Ribblesdale Part 1

A Week in Ribblesdale Part 1, originally uploaded by ...escher....

You've already seen the stills of the snow sculptures I made over the new year period but here is some video. Each day the conditions were different: blue skies, a blizzard, fresh snow and old crusty snow. It meant that what I could make changed each day and also the way I could present it did too. Bright sunshine, clouds, light and the lack of it all played their parts on what I was able to do. That is what land art is all about.

It is grey, damp and overcast here and has been for a while. I don't find it very inspiring and yet the evenings are drawing back and I can feel spring coming...

You've not seen much of me here of late as I have been busy on a new project which I hope will fill up the whole year, although you might not get to see any of it as it may be for one person's eyes only. But rest assured I am still out there doing my thing.

Oh and my third book has gone to press...

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DJ said...

Good grief!
How'd you DO that?????
I'm so impressed!
Rock on with your third book!