Tuesday, May 11, 2010

4 Holly Stars

4 Holly Stars, originally uploaded by escher....

Quite a few people seemed to like the Holly Star and had asked me for prints so I was spurred on to try something else with the spikeless holly leaves.

I made this on Sunday but the day was shrouded with thick grey cloud and a shivery breeze so all in the land were glum and sad faced :-(, even the chipper land artists were grumpy.

But praise be, today the curse was lifted and the sun shone brightly across azure skies. The land artists across the kingdom all came out to play and everyone throughout the land rejoiced as escher could once again don his wellies and stand in the stream doing funny things with bits of grass.

The wandering dog walkers did then look upon this strange sight on Tuesday lunchtime, as the jester of leaves did steal a few minutes of his lunchbreak to photo his sculpture, and they gazed upon him with contempt as this strange fellow stood bent between and betwixt the river banks behaving like a river loon. 'Boo' they did yell but he was not distracted from his task (as his lunch hour did tick past he knew he would soon have to return to work).

But hooray, the subjects of Flickr did look upon the resultant photo and rejoiced! 'That's not bad' they sang! 'I quite like it' said another!

And so the kingdom returned to normal, evil was banished from the four corners of the land and escher slept easy once more in the knowledge that the blinking thing he had made on Sunday now had had its photograph taken, and whenever he fails to do that it gets right on his piggin' nerves.


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