Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nautilus Flag

Nautilus Flag, originally uploaded by escher....

I am afraid I can't quite muster the energy to write a story today. I woke this morning with a strange scar on my belly and I feel listless and tired.

My dreams were full of magic and wonder and two unicorns whisked me away to a fairy glen where I saw a vision of this sculpture grow from the ground like a seedling reaching for the sun.

The beasts took me deeper and deeper into the dark forest until it went totally pitch black and then I awoke with a headache and an aching tummy.

Perhaps it was the cheese I ate last night?

The police are appealing for witnesses and have made this Reconstruction Film. If you wish to assist the authorities and find out what happened to me last night then please watch this film (to the end) and find out whether it jogs your memory.

If that doesn't quite do it then there is this Sun/Shadow Timelapse Film instead.

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