Thursday, January 15, 2009

Balance Towers in Ambient Light

Balance Towers in Ambient Light, originally uploaded by escher1.

The trials and tribulations of crappy winter weather. I wanted to get out after work to practice an idea before having a proper go at the weekend. Without much daylight it had got pretty dark before I had even finished collecting the stone. I had to build them in the dark without a torch so they are a little tatty. It was pretty windy and constantly raining too. I had worn holes in the fingers of my gloves and got sand in both the remote shutter release and the shutter button on the camera meaning they were both stuck on. This meant it kept taking pictures, wouldn't meter properly and wouldn't let me review anything. I couldn't see enough to adjust the focus and had to guess. Still I managed to get a couple of useable shots although they are blurry and noisy. But I expected to get nothing so anything was a bonus.Finally I sloped off to the car wet and cold to try and get the water and sand out of my camera. Do I need my head read?

I like the colours in this one (this is as taken) though and it gives me ideas for more night time land art.

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