Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frost Slab Circle

Frost Slab Circle, originally uploaded by escher1.

I only had a very short time to make anything this weekend and I went up to Clougha thinking arches. But when I got there I found a couple of slabs of rock which only had frost on some of their surface, perfect for a frosty circle I thought. Do you ever start something you wish you hadn't! There weren't very many stones with frost on at all as the wind had gotten up and I was having a great deal of trouble finding any more slabs with partial forst on them at all! So I had to search and search and it took ages. And the small pieces in the middle were even harder to find. Anyway I persisted while the frost on the first slabs I had found started to melt. So it doesn't really look how I wanted it to, its not white enough and there isn't enough contrast between the rock and the frost. I like bold and this doesn't quite do it. Fingers crossed that this winter will bring more opportunities to make something more striking.

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