Saturday, October 10, 2009

Middlewood Equilibrium Stack

The rocks by the River Roeburn are lovely and flat and ideal for my style of rock sculpture. There was no wind to speak of so I set about making an equilibrium stack near to the magic mushroom stack I mentioned here. I've made this design a few times now and having looked at the photographs often and possibly not thought about the process of making one much, I set about making it expecting it to be easy. It got a major wobble on almost from the start but as long as you are careful and meticulous, when there is no wind it should stay upright. But despite that once I had got half way my body decided that some nerves and adrenaline might be a good idea. My body obviously thought I was going to get crushed by falling stones which became considerably more likely as the adrenaline was making my hands shake! This Land Art stuff is supposed to be relaxing and yet here I was like a coiled spring!

Anyway despite all that I persevered and without any wind it should stay put, and it did. I will probably go back there tomorrow and I wonder whether it will still be standing? Perhaps a psilocybin pixie will have knocked it over?!

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