Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spider Earthquake

Spider Earthquake, originally uploaded by ...escher....

I was very surprised to find my Middlewood Equilibrium Stack still standing when I went back there today. But not only that it is now home to a little colony of spiders! I saw four living on top of it and they had built several webs. My stacks normally only last minutes, sometimes a few hours but never long enough to be covered in cobwebs and become a home for little creatures! You are never going to believe me again when I say that these structures are very precarious but it seems it is very sheltered down in that gorge and the wind hasn't bothered it and no-one has tried to push it over.

Much like people living along the San Andreas fault, these spiders are living on borrowed time. One day soon a terrible disaster is going to hit their new little spider community and there will be casualties :-(. It will go down in spider history as the great earthquake disaster of 2009.

Ps. You can see one of them sitting on top of the upper most stone.

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