Saturday, November 21, 2009

So some more information: takes you through the how, why, where and when of Land Art and has lots of ideas for younger children, their parents and teachers to get kids outside making Land Art, or, more importantly, learning all about and experiencing all the wonders of nature. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Although bear in mind we've done this all ourselves so we're sorry for any mistakes on there, I've tried to check everything but I've got square eyes now!

We are going to be adding new 'how to's' all the time, films and tutorials and will be expanding the site for older children, teenagers, young adults and adults. We will add articles about the philosophy of Land Art, Land Art around the world, all about nature, natural things, natural places, flora and fauna and anything else we can come up with. And the content will be pitched to each age group so the tutorials will be more advanced for older age groups and so on. I am sure you get the idea.

We have also created a group on Flickr called Land Art for Kids and I would encourage you to post your kid's Land Art there and your own too. We will certainly be adding ours and any we do in workshops into there. I want this whole project to be interactive and to hear all about the fun and frolics that you get up to. I want to see photos and hear stories! And feedback and suggestions are most welcome. If you wish to email stories and pictures then we will happily host them for here at the LandArtforKids blog.

Here is an excerpt from the site giving you an idea of why we are doing this and what we want to achieve (and thank you for listening as always), Richard:-

"Modern life, fossil fuels and industry are having more and more impact on our world and many of us are losing touch with nature, it's wonders and it's beauty as the human race's seeming need for more and more things gradually encroaches on our wild and natural places.

There is also worry for the safety of our children and many are denied much of the adventure of the outdoors, to climb trees and to learn all about nature and instead many are leading sedentary lifestyles in front of a computer game or the TV.

Land Art is becoming more and more popular around the world for both adults and children alike. With it comes opportunities to learn about nature, to appreciate it's wonders, to learn respect for it and our place within.

But there is also bag loads of exercise, fresh air, creativity and fun to be had. Each as important for ourselves and our children as a learned respect for the world that we share.

As two Land Artists we wish to provide a place to encourage this activity, to provide ideas and inspiration and somewhere where you can learn about Land Art and share what you have learnt during your own adventures.

If any of these sentiments ring true with you then please spread the word to everyone that you can. Let your school know, tell your friends, write something on your blog about us. We need your help to get the message to everyone that we can.

If you or your kids haven't ever tried Land Art then give it a go, you really won't regret it. The treasures are in the doing and not the seeing and once you've tried it you will see what we mean.

We have started this site with young children up to the age of eight, their parents and teachers in mind. We will be adding new ideas, how to's and articles all the time.

In the near future we will be adding content for older children, teenagers and adults too with more advanced tutorials, how to's and articles all about the world of Land Art.

Whoever and wherever you are let us know what you've been up to, what fun you've had and what you've created and learnt about.

All it takes is the will to get out there and enjoy yourself, however old you are, whoever you are and wherever you are.

You know it makes sense ;-)!

Richard Shilling & Julia Brooklyn"

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