Saturday, November 28, 2009

Temple Stack

Temple Stack, originally uploaded by ...escher....

I think my stories are getting a bit dull so in the fine tradition of crappy, boring business meetings everywhere I will present you with a bulleted list:-

- Indeed there was snow on the hills today, the day was windless, crisp, blue, the views wonderful and it was perfect for rock balancing

- This looks considerably more stable than it was. It took an age to find good enough rocks but still they needed some careful maneouvring to balance

- None of them were exactly the same height so lots of jiggery-pokery was needed

- I was amazed it stood up after a near collapse half way through

- I was tempted to put another layer on but it was too tall to reach

- This was made for the Land Art Connections project, November theme "stepping stones" - steps into the sky

- Have a look at the collapse time lapse clip, I couldn't leave it standing so I chucked a rock at it to topple it over


Carol said...

I really like your work, especially these structures........ do you live near these wide open spaces, they are stunning and very uplifting.........

Richard Shilling said...

Hi Carol and thank you.

Yes I do, this place is 20 minutes away. I spend a lot of time there and I draw a great deal of inspiration from the variety of landscapes around here. 95% of the environments you see in my pictues are close to where I live. I am very lucky. It was after I moved here that I started to make sculptures and I think that the wonderful countryside around here has a lot to do with that.

All the best.