Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been working on something for several months and I am finally ready to tell the world about it.

To save any of you, who would rather not have to read the rest of the spiel below, I'll put a short version first: is a not-for-profit project I have started with JRT Pickle to encourage everyone we can to do Land Art and we are starting with kids aged 3-8. So if you are in any way inclined to agree with the sentiments that Land Art encourages creativity, exercise in the fresh air, appreciation and love for nature, fun, outdoor activity and learning for kids of all ages (myself included) then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write a blog entry about it, tell all your friends, inform your schools, shout about it on Facebook, email everyone you know, come look at the website and stand on street corners with a loud hailer! (errm maybe not the last one - unless you REALLY, REALLY think this is a good idea)! And even if you don't think it is that great then tell everyone you know anyway!

I will also be posting Land Art for Kids related stuff with the Land Art for Kids on Flickr account, so please make them a contact and please become a follower of this blog too.

Land Art for Kids Flickr account

Land Art for Kids Flickr group

LandArtforKids blog

Oh and this is my 500th blog post too!

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