Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Experimentality Exhibition at Lancaster University

A few days after I made this stack I received an email from Lancaster University asking me if I would enter something for their 'Experimentality' exhibition. They had asked me several weeks before that but I couldn't think of anything that would fit the theme and so I put it to the back of my mind.

This latest email came within a couple of days of the closing date and when I thought about it I reckoned the stills from this video would fit the experimentaility theme as I realised that I hadn't witnessed or tried to witness the demise or collapse of a sculpture in such a way before.

So I took the ten stills that make up this timelapse and made them into a single picture, entered it and was very pleased to be chosen. (I am saving the actual picture for an upcoming book as it looks quite cool).

I called it Gravity and we went along for the opening night to see it and the other entries. It was a happy surprise to see the variety of artworks in the exhibition and I found it very interesting.

If you are interested then go along to the Peter Scott gallery at the Uni to look. It's free and open most days and is on until the 6th February. I'll be going along myself again to view the other works again when there are less people and I've had less Champagne!

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DJ said...

Congratulations on the exhibit, and the new book!