Sunday, January 03, 2010

Maple Ice Windows - now with added sunshine

What a difference a day makes...

After the blizzard and strong winds of yesterday I awoke to a hard frost, clear air and blue skies. I just had to go back to Ribblesdale to see whether my sculpture from yesterday had survived and to try and get the ice shine pictures I originally envisaged.

And, oh boy, I wasn't disappointed!

Fresh snow had fallen and the wind had carved it's own wonderful sculptures. Aretes and fins aplenty and amazing meringue shapes around holes and dips. As we walked up to the place I couldn't see the sculpture and I doubted whether it was still there but as we got closer suddenly I saw it. The ice windows were much more translucent and the sun shone through strongly. This was perfect and exactly how I had imagined it.

But like a total fool I had left the pencil eraser, that fixed my camera yesterday, in a different jacket pocket and it started to play up again, and again and again. But despite it's lack of cooperation I still got what I wanted.

We hadn't gone there to do any Land Art but I couldn't resist a quick doodle (see below) before we went back to the car and slithered our way up the icy hill. A fitting end to my Christmas break as work looms large for tomorrow.


DJ said...

Breath-taking photo of beautiful artwork.
Well done.

Nutty Gnome said...

Oh that is just gorgeous!
I love the way it glitters in the light and how it ...... actually, I just love it :)

Richard Shilling said...

Thank you :-)