Friday, January 08, 2010

Rydal Shadow Pyramids

Rydal Shadow Pyramids, originally uploaded by ...escher....

We went to Grasmere today for a meeting that might lead to some exciting developments in the future. Fingers crossed!

The day has been absolutely beautiful and the Cumbrian hills are plastered with snow and the whole place looked amazing. Rydal water was completely frozen over and I couldn't resist spending a little time making something, if only a quick doodle. We hadn't intended on doing any land art but who could resist the winter sunshine, blue skies, snow and an iced up lake.

I found a dead wild rose branch and pinched off the thorns so that I could assemble the triangles. All I then had to do was position them towards the setting sun. Once I managed to get a picture a little gust destroyed four of them but the fifth went scooting off across the ice at high speed, completely intact.

The ice on the lake was very thick and the whole expanse was frozen solid.


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Like little sailboats on the frozen expanse. Really lovely.

Richard Shilling said...

One of them went scooting off across the ice driven by the light breeze. Just like a little sailboat!