Thursday, June 03, 2010

Land Art for Kids 'In the Woods'

Maybe I should have called this: "Land Art for Big Kids 'Head in the Clouds!'"

I finished and published this book a little while ago and have completely neglected to tell anyone about it! Sloppy eh?!

My excuse is I've been completely distracted by everything growing, all those new leaves and flowers and stuff have dragged my brain off to somewhere else entirely. But seeing as that is what land art is all about for me I guess that is a good thing!

Who needs to tell everyone about a book when it is much more fun standing in a stream or smelling buttercups!

JRT Pickle and I are doing a workshop for kids on Saturday at the University and we are really looking forward to it.

Any chance to spend time with people with a similar mental age to me (that'll be five), rooting around in woods, eating worms, getting covered in mud and sticking leaves on sticks is alright by me! Only time will tell if the kiddies manage to have more fun than I do!

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