Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ice is Nice

Ice is Nice, originally uploaded by escher....

I think we should all have a vote. I propose that it would be much nicer if we skipped the dark, windy and rainy bit of autumn and winter and skipped right through to the ice and snow and blue skies. I am sure that if enough of us agree that I can write a letter to my representative in the government, or perhaps Father Christmas and the tooth fairy and we can have that all sorted lickety-split. (There's an ambition fulfilled - using that word in something I've written - I expect it won't happen again - it's a one use only word).

Colourful leaves and the calm days of autumn are all very well but they seldom coincide with days off. I had two this week and one was leaden and grey and on the other it chucked it down, and yet today was everything you want in the season of colour. But there is hope? No, not really. Tomorrow will bring more rain and the weekend doesn't look to great either.

So my land art radar is affixed to the delights of winter and how only low winter sunshine can make ice glow and sing. I shall pretend that it isn't dark and gloomy, wet, grey and rainy most of the time through the months that abut the beginning and end of the year and instead wait to hear back from the tooth fairy.

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