Friday, September 03, 2010

Turning Season Sun Wheel

Turning Season Sun Wheel, originally uploaded by escher....

Now I said I may post less land art, as I learn some new skills and experiment. But now is an auspicious time as the season turn once again towards the dark time. I could have kept this to myself but what would be the point if I could not share this experience with you as there must be many of us who are feeling the same.

A sun wheel for the turning of the seasons. Autumn is on its way and I can feel it deep inside.

The wheel keeps on turning. On and on forever.

Brown for winter
Green for spring
Yellow for summer
Red for autumn

I find autumn fades into winter and spring fades into summer with no noticeable cusp between the two. But during the other changes in seasons I feel it in my core. The trees know it, the plants know it, the creatures know it. I know it in my bones.

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes (sound of stylus being torn off record) - no scrub that! I can't stand that song!

But seriously, it was a few days ago and I did feel it all the way through me. Something with the light, something in the air. Not seeing the date click over to September 1st or the first flush of colour in the trees but a feeling deep within. I feel it too at the first sign of spring.

I wonder how many people around the Northern hemisphere feel it too. Do you?

Another question of been pondering today is why do sheep take a wee just before they run away when you approach them? There's lots of them round here and they frequent the footpaths and run off as you approach if they are grazing there. But seriously 9 times out of 10 they take a pee first, go figure!

This land art stuff is fascinating isn't it? Pondering the seasons, urinating sheep, it's pretty deep stuff. I'd expect you are always impressed by the high brow subjects I like to trot out. Always something to learn over at chez Escher.

This sculpture was plagued by flies. Although the hover fly on this sculpture was cool I don't think flies are very decorative so I kept having to shoo them away. I should take it as a compliment I guess and it has happened so many times that insects and arachnids have interacted with whatever I've made that maybe I should make a theme of it and them.

I'd expect there is some symbolism about a square within a circle but I'm darned if I know what that it is. The thought process that went into this one drew me back to what I had made before.

I daydreamed the idea to depict the seasons with colours, firstly in a row but then I thought that it is a cycle so a circle would be much more apt. I selected the colours to reference the seasons as I see and experience them and brown is more common than white snow where I live. But after I had finished it I realised that these are the same colours I used before but I did so without realising any symbolism. Perhaps it is coincidence or maybe I tapped into my unconscious. I don't know but I always err towards the former.

So perhaps in the future I will look back at this sculpture when I again incorporate a square inside a circle and then realise what that might mean, just as I have now when I look back at my sun wheels. But for now that concept alludes me, all except for the fact that I think it looks cool!


Randal said...

A simply sublime image. Thank you for sharing it.

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Randal, glad you like it.