Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Transience - New Edition

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The new version of my book: Transience is now available and I am really pleased how my proof copy looks. After the original being 12" x 12" I thought anything smaller would be a bit of a damp squib. But I am very pleased to say that even in the smaller format it still looks really nice.

I always wonder if some of this stuff comes across as insincere PR or the overly positive guff you might get from a sales person but my land art ramblings are always just my honest thoughts, sometimes funny, sometimes dark or sometimes plain old gibberish. I have no artistic traning and am an accidental land artist who just chanced upon something, one day, that I enjoy doing and it is the same with the books I have published. All I did was have a go, I had no idea how any of it would work out.

When I created the first one I can't tell you what a thrill it was to see my own photos, let alone artworks, in a real hardbound book. I never dreamt that this is something I would do or see especially after such a short time of actually creating natural sculptures.

With all I've learnt about photography, use of light, processing pictures for print, making sculptures and putting together a book over the last couple of years I am now finally happy with all the elements and there is nothing I want to improve about this one. I think it is perfect just the way it is.

I just don't want that to sound too conceited as I find it quite strange to find myself saying all this, as all this was was a hobby that just snowballed from nowhere.

Anyway the original large format Transience (now retitled 'Special Edition') was created to be my portfolio to show anyone that I needed to, and, to be honest, because I wanted one so that I could see my pictures in print! As such it contains 165 photos across 158 pages but none of my stories. It is a little more expensive than 'Land Art' or 'Wheel of Life' as it uses better quality, heavier paper. But I think that it is all the better for it and the prints have more depth and sharpness and I would hope anyone who owns one will be very happy with it and of course it would make a great Christmas gift. I know I'd be happy if Santa brought me one! ;-)

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By Richard Shilling


stargazer said...

Hi Richard I've just recently come across your blog - congratulations on the new book! Really like your work and how you put things across!

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks gazer of stars, that is really nice to know! Thanks for taking the time.