Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Colour Leaf Boxes

3 Colour Leaf Boxes, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

I guess I am supposed to write something funny now. I could tell you that I was attacked by a flock of chickens in an anti barbecue protest or that I encountered a sheep that had the same haircut as Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction but I would be telling lies. I could say that I found these boxes already made in the garden and that there is a new breed of super-slugs with designs on world domination and they are attempting to communicate with us by showing us their intelligence. 2001 has come to the mollusc world. "What are you doing snail?"

But you lot just aren't that gullible are you?

You see, the stories I tell - funny or not - are an accurate description of what happened when I was making something, I don't make them up and this morning nothing very funny actually happened. This was probably my own fault as I avoided going to the stream today as I just couldn't face the loss of blood that the savaging by the midges would result in. I think maybe I have lost all my commitment. How can I call my creations art if I won't take on a huge legion of insects? It is importantto suffer for one's art.

Anyway, I found these lovely spotted leaves this morning and just had to make something with them. They were thick and not very translucent so something not involving sunlight passing through would be in order. I've been thinking about making some more cubes so these leaves seemed perfect. There was no suffering involved, just a pleasant morning spent in the sunshine, humming to myself and making boxes. Maybe I should try it while clinging to a rock face? Would that then be art?

I assembled them and set them out on top of a small gritstone crag at Littledale. All of a sudden a sheep came up to investigate. You wouldn't believe it but it had an afro hair style (but with white wool) and looked just like Sam Jackson from Pulp Fiction! It was ever so funny, it really was, I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed until I wet myself, ha hah ha hah hahah, hah aha hhaha aha aaha haha (and breathe).


DJ said...

LOL...and breathe...
Love the cubes...

PLUMe said...

so beautifull. it's look like a Mondrian's land art!