Saturday, June 27, 2009

3 Framed Rowans, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

My partner, despite being a talented land artist herself, is often roped in to help me when I make something -normally to guard my camera equipment. Fortunately she is patient and good natured or else she would have given me a black eye long ago.

A fly on the wall (or a bee on a flower) observing us would have a good chuckle or else call the men in white coats.

There I was sprawled on the floor trying to peer through the viewfinder whilst dog walkers and passers-by gawped at us wondering what we were up to. It is alright for me, see, because I am busy concentrating on what I am doing while she has to stand there like a lemon like she is my guardian looking after me on day release from the "clinic".

After one volley of photos I positioned myself to stand up.

"Arrggh, careful!" she yelped.

"What?!" I snapped expecting to put my hand in some dog ****.

"There's a bee!"

"Where?" I said.

"There!" She replied.

"Where?!" I repeated.

"THERE!!!" She repeated again.

"But I am not putting my hand there!" I retorted.

"Well I didn't know that did I?" was her answer.

"Well you made me jump by shouting" I said.

"Well I can't help that can I, what about the bee?"

And on we went for a little longer in that high pitched and getting higher way that bickering couples only reserve for each other. Just picture the scene.

A strange sculpture being photographed by a loony laying prone on the ground whilst his care assistant exclaims in a high pitched voice "watch out for the bee!" (I hope you are repeating this to yourself in a suitably high pitched voice) only for the loony to shout back in a equally high pitched voice "what bee, what bee, WHAT BEE?!!"

It is just as well she loves me.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get the whole high-pitched episode on video so I won't be able to ever play you the silliness ever! Honest! ;-)

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