Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cherry Chevron Circle

Cherry Chevron Circle, originally uploaded by ...escher....

Have you ever stood in a particular place and really felt the need to immediately run away screaming? This was not any fun to make as half way through the weather seemed to change to conditions that the midges like and just like baddies being beaten by Bruce Lee in a Kung Fu film, several million queued up to have a go at me one after another.

What is the collective term for midges anyway? I think 'obnoxious', 'beeping', 'gits' although apt are not accurate and 'arrgggh' is probably the same. I reckon the proper term is 'cloud' but that doesn't seem right in my eyes as all clouds do is rain on you, strike you with lightning or suck you and your caravan up into a tornado - all much more preferable to being savaged by midges.

So I had to invent a new type of land art and I called it 'gangland art.' I was going to shorten it to 'glandart' but I suspect that will put the wrong image into your head entirely.

'Gangland art' fortunately does not involve drive-by shootings, fitting someone with concrete slippers or having Joe Pesci ask you if you think he is funny (funnily enough I do). What you have to do is wear a baseball cap and a hood and make sure that the hood is done up tight so only your eyes can be seen. This means that all the midges can manage to bite is your eyelids and so the finished sculpture (a 'fusion' if you will between insect and human) is a letter box shaped stripe across your face peppered with red dots a la midge. It's rather fetching and the look is finished off with socks that are tucked into trousers. Right now it's all the rage in the land art community.

My favourite cherry trees are displaying their full range of autumn colours right now and each chevron is a single vein taken from a leaf to show that full range. I think this is an idea with still a little way to go and isn't the finished article. The size and position of the circle meant it was difficult to get a photograph that does it justice, it is one of those that probably needs to be seen in person. But each step down a new creative path is another step you don't have to take to bring an idea to its full potential.

Oh and one other thing. My 4 colour sun wheel got it's 1000th favourite today! I am dead chuffed and don't think I will ever get anywhere near that again. Thanks to all that faved it.

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