Friday, September 11, 2009

Oak Leaf Sun Star

I made this as a little doodle as I was waiting for the sun to go in to photograph the much more involved sculpture I had just finished making (I will post pictures of that later). Photography is weird (or perhaps I am) as normally I wait for the sun to come out to take a picture but direct sun on leaves bleaches the colour from the shot and so I needed shade.
It has rained and rained recently and finally high pressure has hit and we have been rewarded with glorious sunshine. There seems to be a pattern and this has happened in September at exactly the same time for the last few years. I've not been able to dabble in making my favourite leaves and light sculptures, too windy, too wet and no sun. But today has been glorious and yet I made something that needed shade. Hmmm...

But while I waited I inspected the oak trees and one had these wonderful variegated leaves, I think it was possibly diseased but they looked lovely all the same. A few thorns later and it was done and the hardest bit was getting the camera high enough to get a dark background. After all sorts of teetering on boulders and hanging on to tree branches this is what I ended up with.

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