Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day of the Spores - Grass Spore

I nearly always post what I have made the same day unless I am away from home but I have got really behind.

I spent most of yesterday doing land art but didn't get home until late and I went to bed before the photos had finished downloading.

When I do post the same day then that's when I write the accompanying stories. I carry back with me not only the images but the thoughts, feelings and adventures from the day and type them out while they are still fresh. They are not contrived but reflect my mood and the experience of the sculpture. By the next morning things have moved on and a story would be contrived so I am not going to recount everything that happened.

I am also making something else today that I need to get back to and I need to post the three sculptures I made yesterday so I am back on track.

I tried to make a large version of this spore but my construction techinques were lacking so I gave up with it to have a go another day. So instead I made a little grass spore next to where the large one lay broken on the floor.

There are two more spores to come in the Day of the Spores.

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