Saturday, October 13, 2007

Second Leaf Box

Leaf box 2, originally uploaded by escher1.

With all I had learnt from constructing the first leaf box I decided, the next day, to make another one.

This time I realised it was important to only use leaves that had a solid right angle in the veins and not to use leaves that didn't. I had used leaves that weren't fully 90 degrees in the first box and it had skewed the shape quite considerably.

Whilst hunting for suitable leaves in the cemetery I discovered that certain trees had many leaves that were right angled or a little more whereas others had none, all were less that 90 degrees. I found the right trees last and I was getting little worried that I wouldn't find any suitable ones as I examined leaves from several trees before I found some good ones.

Eventually I had found enough and collected a load of thorns and began. I concentrated on ensuring the shpae was as good as I could get it and that the sides were of even lengths. As I came to finish it one of the side joins had split but I found thos useful as I could get my fingers inside to place the last few thorns and one finished the gap was held closed and was invisible.

I am really pleased with the final result and the box has a real tactile quality, the leaves feel soft and box has a kind of spring. I guess it will dry out over time and go much browner and drier.

I had a lot of difficulty getting a decent picture of the first box. I couldn't find anywhere outside to take a decent picture and with the stems stuill attached to the leaves it just wouldn't sit properly anywhere. So with this box I decided to take a picture indoors using natural light and a reflector to help the contrast. I tried in on a black background but white seemed to be better.

I am making quite a collection on leafworks now - two horns and two boxes to go with the stick balls.

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