Saturday, October 27, 2007

Autumn Leaf Fade

autumn leaf fade, originally uploaded by escher1.

The autumn colours are turnign out to be really good this year. Apparently the exceptionally wet summer has meant the leaves are full of sugars which means more vibrant colours.
This tree is near to where I run on Clougha Pike and I have had my eye on its straight branch for a while. Earlier this week I experimented with a torn leaf line on a tree near to the flat but didn't finish it. I have been trying to pick the good places to make sculptures now as the resultant image is much improved if the situation is good. I collected some sycamore leaves and then drove over to Birk Bank.

The design is pretty straightforward with the centre section of each leaf cut out and pinned to the tree with thorns. Occasionally I had to reverse the direction of the leaf to keep the fade going the right way as it went from one colour to the next. The colours aren't the same all the way along as I tried to follow the fade of each leaf so at the strat there is less yelloe, more orange and dark red, whereas in the middle there is some brown and then more plae yellows. Doing this certainly gives you a deep feel for the multitude of colours that are present.

The picture is disappointing though. Maybe next time I will take a series of pictures and stitch them together.

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