Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fading autumn leaves

fading autumn leaves, originally uploaded by escher1.

We went for a walk to look at all the trees around the area again, first to the leisure park, then to the park. The park was full of screaming kids and miserable looking parents so we headed for the cemetry for some solitude. A foghorn of woman walked past several times yakking, very loudly, on her mobile phone. So much for solitude but it was still better than the park. I was devoid of inspiration, I wanted to do something with the yellow and green lime leaves but it just wasn't working. The cherry tree colours were just too hard to ignore so I started to make something with them.

Most of the leaves had turned now and they were dropping off the tree with every gust of wind. The orange, pink and red hues were just wonderful though. And it didn't take too long to create one square, although I rebuilt it several times - being careful to keep the spines straight. It just didn't look like enough on it's own so I decided to copy it but make the colours reverse. First I tried a frame but that didn't work so I settled on making another the same size. An 8bit Jpeg though just doesn't do the colours justice.

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