Friday, October 12, 2007

First Leaf Box

Leaf box 1, originally uploaded by escher1.

I studied how Goldsworthy had made his leaf box and discovered that the sycamore leaves have right angled veins on them. This was the secret to amkeing the leaf boxes cubic shape.

I gathered a pile of leaves and began to construct the first square that wouldl make the base. I used dried grass stalks to pin it together but this didn't seem to work so well so I wenty to collect some thorns. These worked much better as the sharp point allowed me to pin the leaves together much more successfully.

As I neared the end of the box any inconsitencies in shape became immediately apparent and exaggerated as the form had to be pulled together. It seemed it was important to construct the box carefully right from the beginning.

Not really happy with the final result but a useful exercise in discovering how to construct a box and what I must do now to make a better one.

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