Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leaf Horn

Leaf Horn, originally uploaded by escher1.

My first attempt at making a Goldsworthy leaf horn. I wanted to make more but ran out of leaves and the ones I did have were not very good quality. I hope the results will be better with better leaves.

I had to study the Rivers and Tides DVD to see how Andy puts together his creations, and after first trying to pin together rings of leaves in concentric circles I saw that AG's method of spiralling round each leaf whilst inserting the next leaf within the last one and pinning it to it, then continuing the spiral was a much more successful method.

We will try and find a stash of sweet chestnut leaves so that I can make something much larger. Dried grass stalks definitely worked very well for the pins too.

There is something very tactile about these constuctions. The crispness of the leaves and organic shape make me want to pick it up and examine it.

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