Saturday, April 14, 2007

Arch Balance

Arch-balance, originally uploaded by escher1.

After completing the sand river sculpture I was looking for something else to do. I scoured around the high tide mark under the cliffs and found a great piece of driftwood shaped like an arch. It was a bit lopsided so I had to bury one end deeply. I tried it on one side of the rock but soon found there was large rocks 8 inches down and couldn't dig any deeper. So I swapped to the other side and could dig deeper. 12 inches down was the water line and you could see how this stuff turns into quicksand. Once buried Julia said why don't you do a rock balance underneath. An inpsired idea! Which I hadn't thought of. I wanted to do a more regular balance so I spent ages collected white round and flat pebbles. I tried several different combinations before I was happy with it and I was amazed it stayed balanced as it was very precarious but I thought it looked ok in the end if a little wonky.

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