Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Black hole

Black-hole, originally uploaded by escher1.

A tribute to Andy Goldsworthy's "pebbles around a black hole" sculpture that he made in Japan (which was one of the first pictures of his that I saw when I googled for som eof his work) that I laid down at Humphrey Head. I first dug a hole and placed the white stones around it (a couple fell in so I had to rebuild the edges a couple of times). Then gradually I blended out the white to grey then darker pebble. I spend ages fiddling around the edge making it straight and then smoothed the sand around it. it ended up being about 3 or 4 foot across and I struggled to get a picture of it from above. Turned out quite well but upon reviewing the Goldsworthy orginal I shouldhave made the black hole bigger! Means I will have to do thi sone again! The white pebbles were from the beach at Silverdale and the rest collected over several days from the beach at Lytham.

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