Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sand Vents

Sand-vents, originally uploaded by escher1.

Julia's sand balls had given me the idea to work with the sand. Here there was a nice dryish crust with wet sand underneath that was easy to work. I started on the first hole (nearest in the picture) thinking that I would create a ball with a hole in it. As I worked it the doughnut shape began to form and I liked it. I spent ages smoothing it out and then thought I had to make three of them. The middle one was much easier to make and came together really quickly but the third one proved more problematic. It looked lumpy and a different shape to the rest and I kept returning to it to improve it's shape. I am really happy with the picture though, I think it has an other-worldy feel and gives me lots of ideas for more sand sculptures.

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