Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dandelion Moss Rings

Rings, originally uploaded by escher1.

Spring has sprung and there are dandelions everywhere. For some reason I don't really like the idea of picking other flowers for land art. I don't want to adversly affect anything natural. But I am not to fussed about dandelions as there grow so quickly and won't suffer at all. This moss was collected from the beginning of the private road, I have wanted to make rings from them for ages. Instead we collected the moss and took it into the grass bank opposite and made different size concentric rings lined with dandelions flowers. It took me ages to be happy with the lay out as it looked out of balance and lacking in symmetry for quite a while. The next difficulty was getting anything like a decent picture as I couldn't high enough or far enough away to get everything in the picture. It looks more cohesive in real life. Some sculptures look more impressive framed in a photo some less so.

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