Sunday, April 08, 2007

Quartz Slate Stack

Quartz Slate Stack, originally uploaded by escher1.

After building the gritstone version at Clougha and lime stone stack near Silverdale, in this style I wanted to build another one with cleaner lines and slabs decreasing in size. This time I collected up all that I needed before I started so I could arrange the stones how I wanted them. The day before I had noticed how the stones turned black when wet when Julia had the idea of dipping her rocks in the water. I liked the idea a lot so for this one I wanted to dip each alternate layer in the water which would, with the quart pebbles in between, give a black and white affect. I found though that the wind was drying out the slabs well before I was near finishing so I gave up that idea. This picture is of the second attempt as the first fell down before I had a chance to get a decent photo, this one fell down shortly after I got this picture.

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