Sunday, May 20, 2007

Faded Cairn

Faded Cairn, originally uploaded by escher1.

After buidling the pebble fade yesterday I was keen to go back and build another cairn now I had learnt about the colours on the beach. Next morning the weather was fine so I headed down to Heysham. Purple round rocks were easy tyo some by and I ignored the strange looks I got on the beach to get on with the construction. It didn't take too long to build (a few hours) but still longer than I expected to complete the top. It might look like an easy thing to make but unless extreme care is taken it is unstable and falls down again and again. The top section is very frustrating and falls down again and again which sees my scurrying off for more small, dark rocks. It is finally finished but this only leads me to absorb more of its imperfections. Not wantign to dismatle it completely I have to ignore the sections that are mis coloured and out of place. I can only see where it is wrong and not what is right. These sculptures can be ever so frustrating of some details don't fit with the rest. Still from some angles it looks good and I can maximize its potential with the camera. This land art work is tough!

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