Saturday, May 19, 2007


Fissure, originally uploaded by escher1.

After going to Heysham this morning to do the pebble fade on the driftywood beam my brain was buzzing with ideas of more creations. It was very windy outside so I couldn't do the piece with the horsechestnut leaves I had been planning or the sculpture with the new stick ball I made today. Those will have to wait for a clamer day. After the FA cup final I knew the tide would be going out again so I headed down to Cockerham Sands, I hadn't been there for ages. Pleanty of scope for things there, lots of different coloured pebbles but missing the purple, pink and orange ones across the estuary in Heysham. I wanted to build a cairn of the faded colours I did this morning but I am not sure that would be possible so instead I though I would have a go at anotehr Andy Goldsworthy split pebble sculpture, this time trying to make it look like there is a fissure in the beach. Very pernickety these split pebble sculptures, keeping the crack there is very hard. I needed to use more pebbles of different sizes to make it look more realistic but I am please with the affect nonetheless. I am still a way off achieving AG's perfection but that is as it should be, he is the master and I am only a follower.

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