Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pebble Fade

Pebble Fade, originally uploaded by escher1.

There are some fantastic coloured pebbles on the beach at Heysham. The cliffs are made of sandstone, silk stone and gritstone and yield many hues of white, yellow ornage, through to pink, red and purple. There are also black , grey and white rocks of limestone, volcanics and shale. This beam had been washed up on the beach here and served as a perfect frame for the line. It isn't until you collect pebbles for a piece like this that you can see quite how many different colours there are. I got the fade goping pretty quickly but hadn't made it long enough to make go all the way along the beam so I had to re do it a few times, the colours were really nice though and I think it turned out well. Not so easy to see in the photo but more impressive in real life.

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