Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amazingly Still There The Next Day

After a wet and windy night in the tent punctuated with heavy rain and and continuously flapping tent material (and little sleep) we awoke to a beautiful day of blue skies and sunshine.

After breakfast and tea we headed back down to the beach for some more land art. It was early and quiet and the tide was out.

Robin Hood's Bay is delightful with fascinating rock pools, pebbles, sandy areas, coves, cliffs and caves.

But amazingly, despite the raging wind and rain all night. my stack was still standing! It had lost some layers but somehow what remained was stil enough and retained its symmetry. What's more we could see it from way up on top of the cliff.

When I got right next to it I was even more flabbergasted to see it swaying in the wind. It must have been doing that all night but still it stood up! Perhaps it was this oscillating behaviour that meant it had stayed upright but still it seemed extremely lucky!

We were there most of the day and dozens of people took photographs of it, poked and prodded it and set up next to it to create their own stacks. It was still standing as we left, just how long it would I have no idea!

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