Sunday, March 15, 2009

River Squares

River Squares, originally uploaded by escher1.

I returned today back to the place where I built the circle yesterday. It was much warmer today and the wind had dropped. I had noticed the pebbles yesterday and thought I would try and make something with them.

Yet again I tried several different things unsure right to the end whether what I had finally settled on would work. I didn't know when I started if I would find enough colours to fill the platform, but as always as you start to get a feel for the pebbles that are there, you start to see many more colours than were first apparent. It takes a few hours of being there before your eyes become attuned and the different hues reveal themselves. This is what is interesting for me when making these sculptures that as you spend more time looking you become more absorbed in the environment and more and more aspects are revealed to you. This process is at the heart of land art. Through making sculptures with natural materials you peel back the layers of the place and discover what is at first hidden from the the fleeting eye.


EmandaJ said...

Brilliant! You have a very keen eye. The colors are so subtle, but you have them sorted perfectly. The structure really helps to emphasize the differences in the colors of the pebbles.

ArtPropelled said...

Each time you create something new I think, this one's my favourite. I love River Squares. I think it's my favourite. The rippling water around it and the submerged pebbles add to it's beauty. Wonderful!!!